Unique music needs unique samples

Why Am I Selling Samples?

Why Am I Selling Samples description

Unique music needs unique samples

In a sentence, I'm selling samples because I love making weird and wonderful sounds, sounds that don't always fit into the normal format for a sample pack. My favourite sample packs have always been obscure packs, different to the norm. You can't stand out if you're using the same sounds as everyone else.

I'm not analysing the market to work out what products would be most profitable. I'm making packs that I find interesting and useful. If you're looking to make tracks that sound exactly like your favourite artists, check out Loopmasters, Splice and Cymatics. I've worked with and continue to work with all three, to varying degrees, and I've also produced packs for the biggest labels on Loopmasters and Splice (Industrial Strength, Capsun ProAudio, 5Pin Media). This site is focused more on unique sounds, that you won't find in typical sample packs.

If you're reading this, it means you've found my site, which is awesome. I'm not advertising for two reasons: it keeps costs low (and therefore prices low), and it also means that if you buy a pack, there won't be 4,000 other people using the same sounds in their songs.

If you haven't already, download the free pack to get a taste for what the full packs include (plus some bonuses!), and if you have any questions, feel free to email me directly at multiplier@multipliermusic.com :)

- Multiplier / Adam Pollard